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Join E.S. Magill, KC Grifant, and Brian Asman as they discuss the books and stories that made them fall in love with horror.

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E.S. Magill "Fall In Love With Horror" 

Now Available in Paperback - Magica Book I Rise of the Cult

Urban Fantasy's grown up. Now it's got kids to raise and bills to pay.

And you thought fighting evil was hard...

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Nothing is more powerful 

than magic...

except family.

Monsters are fierce.

Mothers are fiercer.

Coming February 2024.

New Anthologies From the Wily Writers Collective

Edited by

 E.S. Magill 

& Bill Bodden

Edited by 

Lisa Morton

Edited by 

Loren Rhoads

Edited by 

Angel Leigh McCoy   

& Alison J. McKenzie

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